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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Daddy meets his girl

We arrived in Port Au Prince the morning of June 9th and had a mighty wild ride up the mountain to the orphanage. Woody and I were separated in our travel to Camatin because I rode in a van and he was in the back of the truck. The van was able to get there about 30 minutes before the I said it was a wild ride!

As I got closer to the orphanage I started to have fears and doubts about whether Cadonia would remember me when she saw me, after all I had only spend a half a day with her in February. We had talked to her on the phone several times as well but I just wasn't sure. I know that it was just one of Satan's little tricks to discourage me. As we started down the driveway I could see her along with a bunch of other little girls waiting on us on the big porch of the orphanage. What a sight to see. As I got out Cadonia ran out to meet me with a huge smile on her face and a big hug as well. My eyes immediately flooded with tears as I realized we were still so connected after months of separation. I noticed though that she was looking around for something or someone. I asked if she were looking for Poppie and she said yes. I told her he would be here soon and she seemed to understand.

Being separated from Woody for the last 3 1/2 hours I wasn't sure what he was feeling at the time he arrived but was told from the people he rode with that he was pretty much a nervous wreck about whether Cadonia would like him or take right to him or not. He needed to not have worried. When she saw the truck at the top of the long driveway she ran downstairs to meet him at the door. She could hear Woody calling her name and waving to her as the truck drove in and she was smiling and waving back. She even ran back inside telling her friends that her poppie was here and wanted them to come out and see. She immediately went to him when he got off the truck and hugged him like she had known him her whole life. That had to have been one of the best moments of my daughter I connected with months ago meeting the man I have loved for most of my life! The picture above was taken just after Woody arrived at the orphanage.

We had a great trip loving on those girls as well as ministering to communities around the orphanage and getting some adoption stuff done. More to come later!!

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